2017 HuaHui Energy Hongkong Electronic Exhibition

2017 HuaHui Energy Hongkong Electronic Exhibition

     Hua Hui energy was founded in 2010, is a specialized cylindrical lithium ion battery research and development, production and sales of high-tech private enterprises. There are two core production bases and a pack factory in Hunan and Dongguan. The company has proprietary patented products. It is a super safe capacitive structure super lithium battery. Unique process structure and explosion-proof design can provide customers with more secure products.


  Foreign customers watch our company video, understand our products.


 Customers understand our company's flagship products, lithium titanate lithium batteries.


   Company exhibitors photos


   Customers flocked

The exhibition, thanks to the company all at the same time to pay, the exhibition has achieved very good results, Hua Hui wish customers Business Flourishes energy