Huahui energy specializes in R & D, design, production, assembly and marketing of super Li ion batteries. Super Li ion battery is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights: positive and negative poles are pulled out together. Compared with the traditional lithium ion battery, the product has the advantages of safer use, arbitrary size design, good consistency and so on. The company independently develops fully automatic production equipment, which not only ensures the quality, stability and consistency of products, but also avoids the high cost brought by imported automation equipment. Super lithium-ion batteries, a revolutionary invention and invention, will stand out in the battery industry by its unparalleled advantages. Hunan Hua Huixin energy Limited by Share Ltd will therefore cause the battery to make their own unique contribution.

        The company's existing Hunan, Dongguan's two largest electric core production base and a pack factory, the current production capacity is 150 million per month ah. Existing core Hui Hua energy own brand. Subsidiary of titanium technology in battery module applications, the current development of 12V, 24V, 48V, such as automobiles, motorcycles, heavy trucks on the use of batteries, but also M6, M8 car emergency start-up power. In order to better digestion capacity, service society. Now for the vast number of enterprises to provide ODM/OEM services, welcome customers to visit the factory research.